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So take heed, take heed of the western wind

Take heed of the stormy weather

Bonnie Sophia Hogan
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Bonnie S. Hogan, Official Avengers Mom
Bonnie is a baby boomer, born in 1946, almost exactly nine months from when her father returned from war. She grew up the eldest of six kids, the daughter of factory workers, and left home at seventeen to sew her wild oats. It was 1963, America was in Vietnam, and things were happening in the country that she really didn't want to miss. In the end, she threw her panties at some musicians, but didn't get very far.

By 1966 her first son, Harold, was born, about a month after she married Walter Hogan, a Korean war vet. Then came Judith, and Craig, who she claims made her miss Woodstock, and Don.

Before she knew it, it was 1977, her youngest was well established in school, and she needed a job. After a brief stint as a waitress - something she hated - Bonnie managed to talk herself into a position behind the counter at a local jewelry shop. She stayed there for twenty years, and it kept her family in boxing gloves and tap dance shoes while her husband worked at the same plant her parents had before him.

When Harold became a boxer professionally it made her about burst her buttons with pride, but it also kept her awake at night. It did mean that the family could scrape enough together to help Judith go to college, though, and she at least is a kindergarten teacher. When Craig joined the military she couldn't speak to him for a week, but that's all smoothed over now. Bless Don, he just went down to the plant without a word.

Now they're all married with families, except Harold, but he's in New York working for that Tony Stark fellow, who seems nice enough, if a little misguided. Bonnie retired from the jewelry store in 1997, and now spends all her time with the church ladies, and Lois from down the road. They all have a strong interest and concern for those Avengers kids. Why, Bonnie's dad raised her on stories of Captain America. She always thought he was pretty handsome. Bonnie is the church ladies' source for Avengers News, with her worldly son and all, but she'd never abuse her sources.

Walter died in 2000, health problems and complications she blames heavily on his service in Korea. She fills her days with quilting, grandchildren, phone calls to New York (rumor has it Tony Stark cannot tell her a lie), and mission trips to Nevada. It's not a bad life, but she's a little lonely, and her heart isn't what it used to be.
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